Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Wink and a Smile

Wow. I finally feel like I am "recovering" from the holidays. I enjoyed every minute of them, but now it's kind of nice to get back to normal life. Anyway, for some reason I am unable to type text above the first picture. But it's a photo of the Weston grandchildren -- 6 of the 7 anyway, Jaden must have escaped during all the fun :) I just love how Ivy is trying to escape the torture and Millie is off in her own little world.

Below are pictures from Christmas day. Ivy got the cutest little Old McDonald tractor and trailer from Mark's parents. It sings, makes animal sounds and drives. Ivy loves loading up the trailer with anything and everything she can find and then sending it on its way. It was also a hit with Millie who seems to spend more time playing with Ivy's new toys than her own.
Ivy looks so funny in this picture! I love the preppy cardigan look.
Santa brought Millie her Ariel doll and I got her a wig since I know how much she loves to wear them.
I was hoping for a wink and a smile but instead got this wig and a scowl! Beware the wrath of the red-head.


Katie McCaul said...

OH looks so fun! It isn't that nice having them live close! Then we are running back and forth trying to spend time with everyone...i am sure someday we will just stay home for the holidays. Jason already wishes that day had come. Your family is so cute!

bandkworky said...

It sounds like it was a wonderful holiday season. I just can't believe how fast it seems to fly these days.

Curren and Marcee said...

Looks like you had an awesome Christmas! I love the red wig, I'll bet it gives sweet Millie some extra sassy pants when she has it on:)
My ring is all one band, they separate from the back, and the two outer wrap around the stone. We are super excited. We decided on May 1st, so we have to get going so we are ready to go!

Jamie said...

ivy is adorable in her stylista sweater pic. did millie get that look of death from you or mark? ha ha!