Monday, January 12, 2009

Say Cheese . . . Please!

Doesn't Ivy look sweet in black?!
Well now I need to complain about something: Not only does our printer no longer print, as of tonight it no longer scans either! But wait don't I have a digital camera? Yes. So why would I want to use the scanner? Because I finally got around to getting Ivy's one-year portraits taken! And I was so excited to scan and post them, but since that wasn't an option, I did what any desperate blogger would do: I took pictures of the portraits with my digital camera (It was actually Mark's genius idea). I am just glad that the scanner stopped working after I got my digital camera!

So they're not the greatest images (a picture of a picture) but you get the idea. We went to Kiddie Kandids in the mall. Ivy was pretty good for the sitting -- when I say good I mean she didn't cry, but she absolutely refused to smile. She had the darling photographer nearly standing on her head for laughs but Ivy's lips wouldn't budge. She just stared at her like she was a lunatic. Ivy did however like the teddy bear the photographer used. Once she got a hold of it she starting hugging and patting it, I wished I had a video camera for that part.
Millie really didn't want her picture taken and even told the clerk at American Eagle so beforehand. But daddy told her that was too bad because then she wouldn't get the ice cream he was planning to get for her afterward. That changed her mind in a hurry and she was super good for the pictures. I really wanted one of the girls together. After this one was taken Mark took Millie for that ice cream. Her face was covered in chocolate when I met up with them later.
Again the teddy bear was necessary to placate this girl. I know you can't see her well (especially with the glare from my camera's flash) but I think she looks so sweet and I love those baby hands.


Melodie Anne said...

Those are so, so, so adorable! I love them. Ivy has so much hair! I bet you love to play with it- assuming she allows it. Congrats on cute kids!

Katie McCaul said...

I love the pictures! You make me want a little girl...not that she would turn out as cute as yours, but they are precious.

bandkworky said...

I loved the pictures. You kids are so cute.

Ryan & Julia said...

I can't believe that she won't smile for the camera. When I was there she was pretty smiley. Her pictures are way cute anyway.

Anna said...

those are adorable, tamber. you have the cutest girls!

Diane said...

So sweet!