Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sneak Peek

We have to be out of our house this Saturday. It came so fast! I'm frantically trying to pack everything up by myself while playing single mom to two needy girls and it's not much fun. I know it will all be over soon enough. And Mark, bless his heart, is working himself to death trying to get our rental home finished. It won't be ready by this weekend, but we don't want to be homeless any longer than we have to be, so work he must. Here's a sneak peek at where we will be living for the next year or so . . . more pictures to come.

I was so excited when I saw the home had peonies! The girls and I brought some home as soon as they bloomed.

And these wild poppies just started growing behind our (current) home this year. Poppies and peonies are my favorite flowers, so I had to include this shot.
It may be while before I'm able to post again, but I'll do my best.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Face Paint and Piccadillies

I took the girls down to Manti over Memorial Day Weekend. We go every year for the Scandinavian Festival. Mark usually joins us, but this year he was too busy fixing up a rental home so we have somewhere to live in a few weeks.

Millie and Ivy were so excited to collect candy at the parade (or at least Millie was). My sister Deanna was on the Miss Manti float. Millie told me that when she grows up she wants to be "First Attendent" and be in a parade. It was so cute.

And here's the famous "First Attendant" after the parade chowing down on Sanpete barbecue turkey and piccadillies -- so good!

Vikings are also a favorite at the festival. Here Marie (a foreign exchange student from Germany who has lived with my family for the past 5 months) poses with one.

My mom took Millie to get her face painted at one of the booths.

She was on cloud nine. Thanks mom.

Sunday morning we took a trip to the Manti Cemetery. Millie was so excited to see where her great-grandfather is buried.

We also visited my friend Emily's grave. It's such a pretty headstone with her signature on one side and her photo on the other. The visit brought back sad memories but it was nice to have my daughters there with me.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Awesome Sisters

Last month I spent a weekend in Manti. My sister Mandie graduated from Utah State University through its extension program in Ephraim.

Here's the graduate with her husband Danny. Way to go Mando.

Then the next night I went to see my sister Deanna (right) compete in the Miss Manti Pageant and my sister Ariel (left) give up her crown (she was last year's winner).
Deanna was awesome and won first attendant. Now she and Ariel will compete together in Miss Sanpete this fall.

And here's the ritual sibling group shot.