Saturday, January 24, 2009

Valentine Tag

Answer the following questions about your sweetheart…

(FYI: The following answers have all been verified with Mark.)

*What is your husband’s name? Mark Asael Weston

*How long have you been married? 5 years this May

*How long did you date? 7 months (and I thought it was too long)

*How old is he? 29

*Who eats more sweets? We both have a sweet tooth, but he usually eats triple the amount I consume!

*Who said I love you first? I did . . . under the mistletoe on his birthday (Dec. 20). I knew he would appreciate having the pressure taken off him to say it first. So it was my birthday gift to him.

*Who is taller? Mark (by two inches). I consider him on the short side, but a Google search confirmed that he is in fact average height for an American man. (I am above average for an American woman.)

*Who can sing best? me

*Who is smarter? I'm book smart, he's street smart.

*Who does laundry? I do, but I make Mark wash his work clothes . . . they're gross.

*Who pays bills? We once made an agreement that I wouldn't complain about how much he works, if he wouldn't complain about how much I spend . . . but then he put me in charge of paying the bills . . . that took a lot of the joy out of the agreement!

*Who sleeps on the right hand side? Is this a trick question? It's kind of like the stage right, stage left thing . . . it depends on how you're looking at it (in or out of the bed).

*Who mows the lawn? Mark loves to mow the lawn. (For more on this topic read my "Reel Mower" post).

*Who cooks dinner? Me. Mark loves to make sweets and breakfast items, but I am the real cook :)

*Who drives? I hate driving on the freeway, Mark doesn't enjoy it either, but I make him do it anyway.

*Who is first to admit they are wrong? Me. Mark is pretty stubborn.

*Who kissed who first? It was mutual.

*Who asked who out first? He did. We went to a USU hockey game. That night he told me he'd call me . . . a month later I finally called him -- glad I did! He says he got sick and then didn't know what he'd talk to me about, so he just didn't call.

*Who wears the pants? He's the head of the house, but I'm the neck :) (From "My B.F.G. Wedding" -- Wouldn't that be a cute movie to watch for V-day!)

I tag everyone with a VALENTINE :)


Thanks for all your votes! The results are as follows:
Millie #1 - 1 vote, #2 - 4 votes, #3 - 2 votes, #4 - 4 votes.
Ivy #1 - 9 votes, #3 - 1 vote.

Since there was a tie with Millie's #2 and #4 I let Mark decide. He chose #4. There are a lot of beautiful babies out there, so I don't expect anything to come of this, but it's still fun to enter. Thanks again for playing :)

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kates said...

I didn't know that Mark didn't call you for a month after your first date--I mean that you called him a month after. That's pretty amazing! Fun game, Tamber!