Tuesday, January 26, 2010

. . . the darnedest things

Last night during family prayers, Millie prayed, ". . . and please bless me to always be beautiful." I tried not to laugh at her vanity, but I couldn't help it!

And here's Ivy with another funny:

Friday, January 22, 2010

The 4-year-olds' Circus

We just finished hosting another week of preschool at our house. Where we learned all about the circus.
Complete with a big top tent over the table.
On the last day the kids got to pretend to be in a circus. I had these pictures taped around the room and at each station they got to perform a different circus "act": jumping through a "flaming" hula-hoop, walking a tightrope of tape, juggling scarves, making human letters (below), and tying balloons. It was great fun. And feel free to comment on my remarkable Crayola coloring skills. (My hand ached when I was finished!) And if you likey, visit freecoloring.org.
And although I did not come up with many of the ideas on my own, I'm still very proud of myself for successfully replicating them. Now I only have 3 more turns to go.
Below is a video of the juggling act. It doesn't take much to entertain six 4-year-olds.

It was my mother-in-law's birthday on Wednesday and we partied in the snow. Well, everyone but me who didn't bring snow boots. So I played photographer from the sidelines and experimented with my camera's black and white setting. (That's Mark lying in the snow, by the way.)
After the snowman was (painstakingly) built by Trent. We all went inside to warm up with treats and karaoke.
Millie's Uncle Trent treated her to her very first snowball fight. It was pretty funny watching her wait her turn to take a hit. Enjoy!


Three cheers for me! I have reached my 100th post! But this post isn't about me, so I'll move on.
Mark's youngest brother, Trent, returned from serving in the Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh mission last week. And we all went to the airport to welcome him home.
We got there pretty early and the kids were getting a little restless by time Elder Weston finally appeared on the escalator. Luckily Mark's a good sport.
The posters were Barbara's idea and she supplied all the grandchildren with poster boards. I hope Trent appreciates all the effort that went into those things :)
Afterward we all drove to Brigham City and had dinner at Maddox. After the meal Trent posed with all his nieces and nephews (minus Cooper who lives in Georgia) for a picture. Ivy was only six weeks old when he left. It's crazy how fast two years can pass.