Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope you all had a nice Christmas. We had a very nice time with Mark's family. We partied at his grandma's house on Christmas Eve and went to his parents' house for breakfast on Christmas morning. It was all very nice but I did miss my family. Too bad my parents live 3.5 hours away and we can't spend time with both families on the same day!
Anyway here are some pictures of Mark's family from last Sunday when Mark and I had them all over for dinner to enjoy my new table from Mark.

Mark's brother Jared and his wife Katie (their two daughters were upstairs playing with Millie):
His sister Julia with her husband Ryan and son Cooper:
His brother Brad with wife Diane, son Jaden and daughter Elyse:
And my fabulous table that extends to comfortably seat 10 (but we could squeeze 12!). He spent about 50 hours building it and gave it to me as a late-birthday, early Christmas present. I absolutely love it. Thanks Mark! Now he plans to make chairs to match, but I think that will take another 50 hours. Maybe next Christmas :)


Margie said...

Yeah! Congrats on the new table! What a fun present and huge project for Mark. Thanks for the adorable picture of Paige and Millie.

Hey It's Natée said...

Beautiful table Tamber! Browsing through your blog I see that Mark has built you several pieces of furniture...lucky!

Merry Christmas (a day late)!!!

Katie McCaul said...

I love the table! That is awesome it can seat so many. You are one lucky girl.