Saturday, November 8, 2008

A "Reel" Lawnmower

We received our utilities bill from the City this week. And our water overages (yikes!) reminded me to blog about Mark's nifty lawnmower.
Mark loves to take care of the yard . . . or the grass anyway (that's all we have at the moment). I'm sure eventually we'll fill the planter areas and garden spot with something more than dirt. He put in the sprinkler system last fall and put down sod at the beginning of the summer. Mark purchased this lawnmower shortly thereafter (I think it was his Father's Day "gift" to himself). Anyway, it's an environmentally friendly Brill 38 Push Reel Mower -- meaning it has no motor. It's cheaper, lighter and quieter (much quieter) than a regular mower and it also saves money because it doesn't use gasoline nor need its blades sharpened as often. Also it keeps the grass healthier because it cuts differently. Brill is a German company and is known as "the Mercedes of reel lawnmowers." True it may take a little more elbow grease than your average lawnmower, but it's a million times easier to use than the hunk-of-junk mower I grew up pushing. Cutting the grass would be easier now, but I'm glad Mark loves it so much I'll never have to! Mark has gotten tons of compliments on his well-groomed grass, one woman in particular said that our grass looked better than her carpet :) I hope those compliments will buoy him up when he's writing out that check to the City.


Joni said...

I think you have me sold! I think is all I have to do is get a yard to take care of...:0)! I also really love your halloween costumes! You make a beautiful wicked fairy.

Curren and Marcee said...

It's crazy to think Russ will be back Thursday! He is 6'3, and when he left he weighed like 280 lbs... but I think he has lost like 50-60 lbs, I can't wait to see him!
That is so cool you got to go spend a lot of time with those two! I went to Germany and Czech Republic for a week in 2005, and wished I could have stayed longer! There is so much to see!
You have the cutest Halloween family ever! I love the costumes!