Friday, December 12, 2008

Ba humbug

So since I got a digital camera you all thought I'd be blogging a lot more often right? Wrong! I have lots of great picture that I've tried to post, but a bad combination of slow Internet and large digital files has made blogging painstakingly slow -- to the point that I just gave up for a little while. But have no fear; I will return.
We downgraded to dial-up (gasp!) a few weeks ago to save a little money. It was Mark's idea of course and I don't know how he ever got me to agree. Anyway, it doesn't take much longer to upload a scanned photo, but the digital files are quite a bit larger and I haven't had the time to figure out how to shrink them. So if any of you have the answer that would be wonderful.
I also have this great video of Millie to post -- which I'm sure is impossible to upload on dial-up -- but luckily my sister helped me out with her DSL.
Anyway, I'll do my best to get things up and running again.


Diane said...

We have dial-up too and once you get your pictures to a reasonable size, it's not that bad. Sometimes it's slow for us but that's usually when the anti-virus thing is scanning. Once that stops then it's quick again. I'm even able to watch videos and slide shows relatively easily too. I don't know what applications you have, but if you have Microsoft Office Picture Manager, that's what I use. I open my pictures to that, then go to "edit pictures," "resize," then "predefined width X height" and choose "Web - large." If you don't have that application then I'm sure you have something similar. I hope you figure it out soon. Then we can see Ivy's birthday pictures. =)

Margie said...

I downloaded infranview from the internet to shrink my pictures and edit them. hopefully that helps a little. good luck!

Melodie Anne said...

I opened mine with paint and resized in that. It wasn't with a photo though- it was for that header thats on our blog right now. I just went to attributes and changed the size. Good luck. I am borderline computer retarded so I understand it can be annoying. Also I think Picassa is supposed to do that I but I've never figured out how.