Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Mayhem

Only read this if you are really bored. It is from a super long email I wrote to my sister-in-law.

Mark and I went to Manti for Thanksgiving this year. Ivy got a fever Wednesday night as soon as we got to Manti. And was only worse by Friday so I took her into an IHC clinic in Ephraim. My mom came with me since Mark was helping my brother pour cement. Millie stayed at my parent's house and played (that was nice!) Anyway, we waited forever at the clinic and then when we finally saw the doctor she seemed to be more interested in Ivy's small size than her fever! Anyhow she thought it looked like another ear infection and prescribed more antibiotics. And since I didn't have my insurance information I ended up paying $20 for the prescription! But what do you do when your child is sick? Say 'No, I won't pay for it'? Anyway, now the meds have given her a rash and suppressed her already non-existent appetite. And she is still pretty lethargic and sleeps a ton. Poor baby. I hope she's feeling better for her birthday next week.

Other than all that, we had a good Thanksgiving. The food was delicious and surprisingly Millie stayed at the table long enough to eat some of it :) During dinner I invited my family to celebrate Thanksgiving at my house in two years (I didn't want to do it on Barbara's year because I like going to her house). They all agreed to come. That will be fun to get out all my flatware and extend my new table (which is only 3-coats of lacquer away from being finished). Now if I only had 12 matching plates, napkins and place mats!

On Friday after taking Ivy to the doctor I went to lunch with a couple of girls from high school (girls who found my blog and wanted to meet up). I left Millie and Ivy with my mom and just enjoyed myself.

We drove home on Saturday morning, but had to backtrack after Mark realized he'd left Ivy's $20-bottle of medicine in my Grandma Nora's fridge. Then we stopped and had lunch at Roy's pizza in Ephraim before heading out again.

We got home around 3:30 p.m. and headed over to Mark's parent's house for a second round of Turkey dinner. That was fun and yum!

Sunday morning, Mark stayed home from church with Ivy, because she was too sick to go. I had to speak in Sacrament Meeting so I was glad that Barbara could sit with Millie. I only had a week to prepare my talk, but since it was a busy week I didn't spend much time on it. I chose to talk about Elder Perry's conference talk about simplifying your life. It went well and I was glad the other speakers chose different talks to talk on.


bandkworky said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving, other than Ivy being sick and all. You littl girls are so cute. Millie reminds me of you.

Meg said...

Sick babies... no fun. Talking in church after Thanksgiving.... hmm... not on the fun side either. Glad you could get away for a bit though. (This is your cousin by the way.) I love reading your blog and hearing how things are with you guys.