Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Treats

Wow, I am so behind on blogging! We have just been so busy with Christmas stuff and I'm going to have even more things to blog about tomorrow with Christmas and all. I guess I should just be grateful that I have been out doing blog-worthy things, instead of having time to blog and nothing to blog about.
So instead of telling you all about our schedule, I'll just tell you about all the yummy things we made for our neighbors: Gingerbread men, candy-cane cookies, chocolate pistachio Christmas Tree cutouts, and two kinds of fudge (five minute fudge - the only cut corner). Anyway, I made everything but the candy-cane cookies (Mark made those) and we did it all in two days (I like treats to be fresh!). Anyway, I seriously wanted to give a plate to everyone I know, but I limited it to our immediate neighbors and to Mark's home teaching families (I gave my visiting teaching sisters treats earlier in the month). So even if you didn't get to taste these treats I hope you enjoy them and know that I wanted to share. Loves to you all and a very merry Christmas.


CornishPal said...

Tamber, those pistacio cookies look awfully feasty. All of them are too cute to eat.

Melodie Anne said...

Yum... Things like that are why everyone loves Christmas.