Sunday, September 7, 2008

Slow blogging

Enough with the nostalgia! I'm sick of waiting to get my film developed. I want a digital camera! Hopefully one day it will make it to the top of my list of wants and I'll actually get one. Until then . . . the blogging will be slow.
I did actually use up my roll of film this weekend, but I'm waiting until Wednesday to develop it. (Macey's photo lab has a special on Wednesdays). So be sure to check back this weekend. But as I hate to disappoint, I do have photos to post today. They are a year old, but they were well worth the wait.
One of my best-est girlfriends from high school (a foreign exchange student from Norway) came to visit me last summer. And being 5-months pregnant at the time, I completely forgot to take a single picture during her stay! Luckily, she took lots and I just got them in the mail this week! Hurrah! So without further adieu, here are some of my favorites:

Maria Bergane (pronounced bear-gannah). Naturally a platinum blond, but beautiful as a brunette as well and such a sweetheart!
During Maria's stay, we spent a day in Bear Lake. Visiting the Minnatonka Cave, the beach and Pickleville Playhouse. Left to right: Millie, Ivy :) and me.

I love these pictures of Millie. She's changed so much in the past year.

Isn't she pretty?

I wonder how this would look in black and white?

Mommy and Millie . . . poor Ivy. I have no idea how I was able to bend over like that with her in there.

Here we are visiting Manti High School. It brought back a lot of memories. And getting these photos in the mail brought back even more wonderful memories. Thanks-a-million Maria! Hope you visit again soon!


penniem said...

What great pictures! Maria is a wonderful friend. It was great to see her last summer. Love your blog!
Lots of LOVE, MOM

Joni said...

You look so good even pregnant! I can't believe that you were 5 months pregnant in that picture you look great! I am excited to see more pictures and even more excited for you to get a digital camera! ;0) I hope everything is good well for you and your cute family!

Katie McCaul said...

I know sorry!!! I figured you could do that. I will email you and we will meet up I know we are going there then also but I'm sure sooner :)