Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Apple Days

So while Mark was riding his bike to Jackson Hole, I was trying to enjoy the weekend's festivities in town. I took the girls to Apple Days here in River Heights. It would have been a lot more fun if Mark had been here to help, but we made the most of it without him.Millie enjoyed getting candy at the parade, but she thought she had to eat each piece as she picked it up. She didn't grasp the concept of collecting it for later.

Hailey is our next-door-neighbor and such a good friend to Millie.

Here is River Heights City float and royalty. I help with the Miss River Heights pageant each spring, so it's fun to see the girls out and about during the summer. I did not, however, help with the float, so it's not my fault the girls' dresses don't match the magic carpet :)

At the park they had a number of festivities including pony rides. This pony's name was Sunshine. She/he had a bit of an attitude . . . perfect for Millie.

As you can see, Millie rides like a pro. That's because this is her third pony ride of the summer, but unfortunately the first one we actually got a picture of.
Apart from the tantrums and the head/backaches of taking two kids to a festival by myself, I tried to have a good time. I thoroughly enjoyed a caramel apple and two bites of Millie's sugar cookie . . . mmm.


Joni said...

You sure are brave taking your kids by yourself! I am definently impressed! It looks like a whole lot of fun. Way to go Mark for riding in the LOTOJA! That is way impressive I am sad to hear about Dan...that really is a bummer!

Katie McCaul said...

You are very brave I don't know if I would dare take my one son by myself.

Diane said...

We should have just gone together even though Brad was home. Not that we would have been much help, but we could have sympathized. =) Apple Days was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. What did you do this year to help with the pageant? It must not have been as involved as last year. You're hilarious! I didn't notice that their dresses don't match the carpet. lol. Too funny Tamber.

The Weston's said...

Tamber, you are always doing such fun things with your girls!! I hope to be as active with my kids as you are! I absolutely love that you had a princess party for Millie. I'm sure she just loved it!

Hayley Neil said...

So fun! I am super bummed that I missed Apple Days again! You sure do take great pictures for not having a digital camera. I love that first one of Millie. She is such a pretty little girl. You and Mark just make pretty babies.