Thursday, September 11, 2008


My greatest wish for my girls is that they will grow to be best friends.
I read somewhere that siblings are part of each others' lives far longer than any other family member. So in my opinion, if they are going to spend that much time together, they had better love each other.

Millie hates this shirt, but only because I like it. Ivy's shirt was Millie's. It says "Cutie Milly" on it. I have a fetish for purchasing things (usually books) with my girls' names on them.

They both look silly in this one. Ivy isn't the most photogenic baby. I usually only show you the good ones :)

I find it funny that when you ask children to feign affection you can always tell it's artificial. They seriously need to work on their acting skills.

And here you can tell it's genuine. True, they don't always get along . . . but they have their moments.


Katie McCaul said...

That is going to be so fun for them to have each other! They are both so pretty!
Ya I don't know that I would call Jason a handy man...that is why I didn't trust him to do it, he is learning though. Yours came as a handy man!


wow, millie is already three? time has flown. glad to see that both millie and ivy are growing up well. i want to see a picture of that bed mark made for millie. that's impressive.

Diane said...

Cute pictures. I would never have known that Ivy isn't photogenic. She's such a pretty baby!

Curren and Marcee said...

Hi Tamber!

So I stumbled on to your blog... I am really not a "blog stalker" but I had to look at yours! Your girls are soooo sweet! And absolutely beautiful!