Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Millie's 3

Millie's birthday was in July. (I'm a little slow getting this up, I know.) She had a princess party. Here the little princesses are listening to the story of Sleeping Beauty, read by yours truly :)
Mark usually makes the birthday cakes around here but this year he was too busy building Millie's present -- a big girl bed (which I just realized I don't have a picture of!). Anyway, I thought I did pretty good with the cake. If I do say so myself.
With so many princesses in attendance, Millie got a ton of gifts. So many in fact, that I had to stash some in a closet and divvy them out slowly. There's still one more in there.
It's hard to believe my baby's three! Wow, it goes by so quickly.


kates said...

Glad you updated. I've been waiting :)

Diane said...

You were brave to have so many little princesses and a couple princes over. I would love to have looked like you at 5 months pregnancy. Fun pictures! You'll have to show off the bed in another post. It's worth bragging about. =)

Katie McCaul said...

Wow you with a three year old! Tamber does that mean we are getting old? She is so cute and I can totally hear you reading the story.

Hayley Neil said...

This is awesome! Great job on the coolest party ever!