Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tag: Millie's it!

Five things you may not know about Millie:

1. Millie has two sides to her. She's either ultra-sweet and ultra-happy or quite the opposite . . . a demon of sorts :) Most people only know one side or the other. It's funny when people who have only known Mr. Hyde, finally meet Dr. Jekyll and comment in amazement, "Millie was so nice today!"

2. Millie is obsessed with being a princess. And lucky me -- I get to play the prince all day, at least until daddy gets home.

3. She's a fashionista. I'm not allowed to help her pick out her clothes. She's also picky about whether or not I can do her hair.

4. One of her legs is longer than the other (by a few centimeters). I only noticed because she has had unexplained knee pain for a year now. So our best theory is the mismatched length.

5. She's a mama's girl. Ever since she was a teeny-tiny baby Millie has preferred her mommy to anyone else. She's getting better now, but I am so thankful that Ivy loves her daddy; it sure makes my life a lot easier!

"Millie" now tags: Jaden, Marcus, Ellanie, Grace, and Paige.


Katie McCaul said...

How fun! i love to learn more about the little ones.

Diane said...

What funny pictures! I forgot about her leg being shorter than the other. I think for the first year of Millie's life Brad and I only saw one side of Millie. Probably because it was Sunday and she was tired. I liked seeing her in nursery because she was SO GOOD!
(Cute post idea.)

Melodie Anne said...

She is such a doll. I bet you love that she is princessy. She sounds so fun!

I usually get my templates at Some of them are just wierd, but lots are cute. Also

Curren and Marcee said...

Millie sounds like a girl after your own heart! It's so fun to get to see your sweet girls!

Hey It's Natée said...

Have you read any Fancy Nancy books to her? I bet she'd love them!