Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scare hair

OK, so I know I should be blogging about Halloween, but that film is far from being developed so we'll just have to wait on that. Instead I thought I'd post about some scare hair! Miss Ivy always has some crazy thing going on with her hair. I love that she has hair, but sometimes I think it would be a lot easier to get out the door with a bald baby. When your baby doesn't have hair you can just throw on a headband and you're out the door, but hair is a whole other story.
No scare hair here. I just love this picture of Ivy; she looks so grown up. I took it while she was looking at her sister. And since I shared 5 things about Millie I wanted to do the same for Ivy.
1. She is a such a good baby! After Millie I'm sure any baby would seem easy, but Ivy really is such an easy-going kid, but watch out . . .
2. She does have a mean streak. There are a few things that Ivy won't tolerate, one of them is my being on the computer. I have to blog while she is napping :)
3. She is learning baby sign language but only uses it in dire circumstances, i.e. when I gave her to her Aunt Katie and she wanted me, she did the sign for "father" but I know she meant me. She can also wave "bye-bye" but only does that one for daddy.
4. She's a smiley baby but rarely laughs. I guess that goes along with her even-kill attitude. It takes a lot to upset her but it also takes a lot to impress her (unlike her sister who has always laughed a lot but gets upset easily too).
5. Ivy will be 11 months old on the 11th. I can't believe she is nearly a year old!


kates said...

Gorgeous picture of Ivy! I think she looks beautiful with scary hair or not.

Curren and Marcee said...

WOW! She is absolutely gorgeous!

I did quit eating raw onions, but haven't been able to kick the ice cream habit! I would love to do the around the world trip! I love going new places! Have you been able to go visit Maria and Melanie?

Melodie Anne said...

#1- cute background!

#2- Cute baby. I thought she was older. Probably because of the hair! She really does have so much for a girl her age! She and Millie are so precious.

Joni said...

Your kids are so gorgeous! You really are such a fun mom too. I can't wait to see their Halloween costumes and yours!


she does have a lot of hair and i love it.

thanks for posting a picture of the bed frame mark built. it looks so nice.

Diane said...

Very cute! I love her hair - especially when it's wild. She is a really good baby and such a darling.