Friday, January 22, 2010

It was my mother-in-law's birthday on Wednesday and we partied in the snow. Well, everyone but me who didn't bring snow boots. So I played photographer from the sidelines and experimented with my camera's black and white setting. (That's Mark lying in the snow, by the way.)
After the snowman was (painstakingly) built by Trent. We all went inside to warm up with treats and karaoke.
Millie's Uncle Trent treated her to her very first snowball fight. It was pretty funny watching her wait her turn to take a hit. Enjoy!

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kates said...

Hmmm, Mark must be a pretty nice Daddy if he has never thrown a snowball at Millie. I think Lia was only two when Jared first hit her with a water balloon! The snowballs were soon to follow. Looks fun--sad I missed it!