Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On the Wall

So after being in our house for 10 months, we finally got around to decorated the nursery (for our 14-month-old newborn!). Better late than never right? The shelf (above) has been sitting on Ivy's bedroom floor since we moved in, but it was quite heavy and didn't have a good set up on the back so it made it complicated to hang . . . so finally we just put two big screws through it into a stud. It probably ruined the shelf, but I guess it's better to ruin it and get some use out of it, than to never use it at all. And while we were busy putting holes in the wall, we pinned up a quilt. Not the cutest thing ever but, art is expensive!
Here's the rest of her tiny room in case you are interested. The dresser is a big eyesore. I wish she had a cute little white (or cream) one to match the crib and changing table. And that is a closet door in case you were thinking that made for an awkward entrance. The entry door is just left of the changing table.
The bumper set matches the quilt and the bear on the shelf. I got them when I was pregnant with Millie. It was my college graduation gift to myself. Glad we had another girl!
Oh, and just as a side note: I don't know how many of you remember Smoochie, Millie's pink teddy bear (that she still sleeps with), but above is Ivy's bear Snowflake and she is becoming equally attached. It's so cute to see her face light up when I give it to her and she snuggles it. Ivy also likes Smoochie and I am so impressed that Millie will share it with her. I love it when she shares anything with her sister, but especially her favorite comfort item.


kates said...

That is super impressive that Millie will share smoochie!

Good job getting stuff on your walls. It looks super cute!

Katie McCaul said...

tHAT LOOKS SO cuTE! I love what you have done with it it makes me want a girl.

Hayley Neil said...

How fun! You should get that talented husband of yours to paint Ivy's dresser and replace the hardware. That would definitely be the finishing touch for a darling little room!

Margie said...

see, Hayley would have a good solution to the dresser. She's just that creative and knows what can be done! We have an old dresser even more beat up than that one in our nursery and your decorations are MUCH cuter! Good job! I'm sure your girls are enjoying it as well.

Diane said...

The room looks great! I love the quilt on the wall. My friend posted a really cute idea of a bunch of doll quilts in a girl's room. It's all adorable. Don't worry about the dresser, how many of us have matching furniture only 4 1/2 years into marriage? Give yourself some time.

Cameron & BreAnn said...

Great job! I love the colors! Thanks for the advice. I'll have to read that book. Brayden never had the sleeping problem before. It's just starting! ahhh..