Monday, February 16, 2009

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Since you're all dying to know what we Westons did to celebrate Valentine's Day . . . I thought I'd share a few pictures. OK, so no one has even asked me about it, but it was a reason to post, so here 'tis:
Mark stayed home from work and was so sweet and went to the grocery store early in the morning to get chocolate milks for the girls and flowers and candy for me. Then he came home and made my favorite breakfast -- Nun's Puffs. And I know I'm horrible because I didn't appreciate it at the time! I had gone to bed late and Ivy woke up just as Mark was walking out the door to go shopping. And as I prefer sleep to a yummy breakfast any day, I was a little put out. Now if he had taken Ivy to the store with him and let me sleep, then I would have been on cloud nine! Picky, picky I know, but I am a monster without a good night's sleep! Sorry Mark!
Luckily my mood improved before our dinner date. We had reservations at The Iron Gate Grill and it was so good. Afterward we went to Hollywood Video and rented the romantic comedy "The Holiday" and came home and watched it on the projector screen. Yes I know it's not a new release, but it has taken me this long to rent it.
The above picture was taken right before our date. I made fun of Mark for the placement of his hand! But my hand looks pretty dumb too. I just wanted to show off my ring because Mark purposed to me with it 5 years ago on Valentine's Day :)
Mark's parent's had a little Valentine's party on Thursday. It was really fun. I love any reason to have a party! And Millie and Ivy thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


kates said...

I love that Mark got chocolate milk for your girls! Super cute!

Mike and Traci said...

I completely understand the sleep thing! I don't function well on less than 8 hour of sleep! Lol, I struggled, but eventually got a little used to it when Ellanie was born but now that she's mostly sleeping through the nights, it's so hard on nights when she wakes up screaming and demands attention :). I'm so glad you guys had a nice valentine's day though! You and Mark are so cute together! No wonder you have such cute girls!!

Katie McCaul said...

That sounds like a nice day! Once I suprised Jason with breakfast in bed on V-day and he didn't appreciate it either...he really told me to just sit it on the night stand and he went back to bed for who knows how long and didn't eat one bite:( I am glad your day ended good!!!

Cameron & BreAnn said...

So fun! And you are sooooo skinny!!! You look awesome! What a great Valentines. I love surprises.