Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Mickelson Clan

Here is my humongous family. From left to right: Deanna, 14; Alexis, 27; Christopher, 29; Max, 9; Me, 24; Mandie, 21; and Ariel, 17.
This was taken after Ivy's blessing. We all hate this group shot tradition because there is inevitably going to be a melt-down. It used to be Mandie who wore the "I-don't-want-to-be-here" face, but the past few years that face has belonged to Max. (Doesn't every family photo have one of those?)
Deanna, Christopher, Mandie and Ariel are all used to Max's tantrums and so it doesn't even phase them (hence the perfect smiles) but Alexis and I see him on a limited basis, and as you can tell our smiles are forced. Now if Max could just get used to himself maybe he could look normal in a family picture. He is going to kick himself when he looks back at these in his later years.


Joni said...

You family is so fun! It is fun to see your siblings.

Hayley and John Neil said...

Cute family! You and your sisters are all gorgeous! You Mickelsons have great genes!