Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Biking Season

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog of late. So here are the highlights:
I cut nearly all the daffodils to make two beautiful bouquets, which I then forgot to take pictures of. The tulips are now in bloom, I'll have to remember to photograph them. Ivy has learned the baby sign for "flower/s" (sniffing) and never tires of looking at them through the sliding glass door.
Mark spent a day working in the neighbor's yard. (Putting in a swell for the water . . . or something like that.) And after visiting him, Millie came home to get her shovel so she could help him. Too cute.
We revisited Crumb Brother's for more scrumptious pastries.

And with the start of spring comes the start of another biking season. This year Mark has recruited Ivy to be his biker babe.


Diane said...

I LOVE BABY SIGNS! "Flower" is one of my favorites.

kates said...

cute millie being daddy's helper!

Ryan & Julia said...

I love the picture, especially "the shovel" and the "biker babe"! Too cute.

Hey it's Natée said...

I've been neglecting my blog too. I didn't know Mark was into biking. My next door neighbor goes all over the country to bike. I think they'd get along smashingly.

Melodie Anne said...

Cute! I love spring! Everything is better with flowers involved.

Cameron and BreAnn said...

Thank goodness the weather is finally great to allow biking! We like biking but need to get a double carrier thing so the kids can ride with us when we go.
The flowers are gorgeous! I love them!