Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mom's girls

I'm not feeling so great at this point (hence the pink puke bucket at my left) but I was so happy to have my sweet baby.
Mark brought Millie to the hospital to meet her little sister. She was so cute to just hold her and love her. I hope they always love each other.
The other day I was snuggling with both Millie and Ivy and said, "My girls." Later Millie laid her head on my lap and said "girls." I think she really liked the idea. Now I think I want four girls, just like the March family in "Little Women." I love that movie (the Winona Ryder version). I really think of it as a Christmas movie because of all the snow and the Christmas scenes. Anyway, Millie can be "Meg" and Ivy Josephine can be "Jo." Now we just need a "Beth" and an "Amy." So feel free to suggest "B" and "A" names :)

Here is a head shot of our sweet Ivy. You can really see the jaundice in her coloring. Luckily she doesn't have it anymore. She changes so fast. I just love this girl. It's amazing how much you can love a little person who can't even talk (or smile) yet. Actually I'm glad she can't backtalk me yet. Millie is getting good at that!

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