Monday, December 12, 2011

Ivy's Sweet Shop Birthday

Anyone who knows Ivy, knows that she loves candy. So when I asked about a theme for her upcoming 4th birthday, it was no surprise to me that she asked for a "candy party". So we went with a candy/sweet shop theme and made all her dreams come true!

I had fun creating this little window display with window crayons, to welcome family as they arrived.

I borrowed the tissue-paper pom-poms from my sister-in-law, and I think they definitely completed the candy party look.

We had to make a special trip to a real candy shop beforehand, for inspiration and to purchase the giant lollipops and candy wands.

Mark had this great idea to do a write up in chalk. Love it.

And my oh-so-talented, jewelry-making sister-in-law (the same one who made the tissue-paper pom-poms), Katie, helped us make gumball necklaces for all the children.

Mark drilled holes in the gumballs before the party, then Katie strung ribbon through them, tying knots on either side of each gumball. Super adorable, but oh-so-sticky! (Especially when the sugar addicts started licking them!)

While the necklaces were being made, the kids decorated paper sacks that they later filled with candy to take home. We had a "candy cane" cake (also Ivy's idea) with ice cream and had a lovely time visiting with family and celebrating Ivy's birth. And the very best part of the whole event was that Ivy was on cloud 9 the entire time! Making this great memory for her was so worth it. Happy Birthday Ivy Jo.


Diane said...

So fun! What a cute party idea. Happy Birthday Ivy!

Grandmother Pennie said...

How wonderful. I am so glad Ivy has such a great memory. I can't wait to see her at Christmas!

Ann said...

The party was so fun. I loved the sweet shop theme. Ivy looks so cute in the picture where she is standing in from of her sweet shop. Thank heavens for wonderful, creatiave parents!

kates said...

Oh my word, I am late seeing this post! I loved this party--it was adorable and went off without a hitch! It was perfect for Ivy Jo, too. Great party-throwing, Tamber!

Emily@TheWickerHouse said...

Oh How Cute!! It's been a while since I'v stopped by your blog. Ivy's birthday party looks so fun. What a cute theme. I'm hoping you'll post pictures of your new home soon. I'm super excited for ya. Good Luck on your move.