Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby Blessing

We blessed Oliver in church the Sunday before General Conference. I specifically charged my camera battery for the occasion and then promptly forgot it the next day. So all my pictures are from my mom. Thanks mom! It was a nice day. Mark gave a nice blessing and we enjoyed seeing everyone. The worst part (other than the lack of camera) was that I had a bad headache for most of the day. Blah. Most of my family made it up Saturday night. One of my sisters told the girls she would come do their hair and paint their nails for church. My family spent the night at a motel and the next morning Ivy and Millie woke up very early asking for Aunt Ariel and Deanna ad nauseam. (They seriously asked every 10 minutes!) Once my family finally made it over to our place there wasn't enough time for hair styling but the girls did get their nails painted.

Oliver had a good day. Here he is fresh from his sponge bath, still shiny from the coconut oil I put on his face.

Here's a better look at his blessing outfit that I picked up on clearance at the BabyGap in Las Vegas back in January. It's a good thing we didn't wait until May to bless him or else I would have had to find something else for him to wear in a bigger size!
I wish I had more pictures of those who came and the food etc. but I don't, so that's all.

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Ann said...

He was so cute and good on his blessing day even if everyone had to hold him. Mark gave him a very nice blessing. The whole family looked so cute. It was a wonderful day with friends, family and lots of good food! Thanks for making it such a nice day.