Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Miss Sanpete County

(from left to right: me, my sisters Ariel, Deanna, Alexis, and Mandie)

I'm so excited for my sister Ariel. She was crowned Miss Sanpete over the weekend and will compete in Miss Utah next year!
Because of the way things worked out, both she and my sister Deanna competed at the same time. (Ariel won Miss Manti in 2009 and had to finish her year of service before competing in Miss Sanpete, however Deanna competed for Miss Manti earlier this year and won first attendant so she didn't have to wait a year before going to Miss Sanpete). Anyway out of the eleven girls Deanna was one of the six who didn't make it to the royalty (even though I think she did an awesome job!) She was a good sport about it though and plans to do Miss Manti again next year. Go D! And as for Ariel, I wish her the best of luck this coming year.

And just as a side note, I was also "Miss Sanpete" once upon a time (in 2001) so it's fun to share that with Ariel. I would include a picture from my younger days, but they are all in storage at the moment. So we'll just have to go without.


Anna said...

my those mickelson girls are sure gorgeous!!!

Melodie Anne said...

I remember doing Miss Sanpete with you! That was fun. Congrats on such a cute pageanty family! You girls all look so similar!

Curren and Marcee said...

I know I say this every time, but you and all your sisters are so beautiful! Congrats to Arial for being the new Miss Sanpete. My sisters still go to Miss Utah so maybe I will have to joing them next year because I actually know someone in the running:) Hope you are doing well

Katie McCaul said...

Very cool! You are all so gorgeous:)