Thursday, May 29, 2008


Woo, woo! Look at Millie.

Aloha. My mom brought this outfit back from Hawaii for Millie. Doesn't she make the funniest Hula girl ever?! It makes me laugh every time I look at it.
Ivy is nearly 6 months old and just as cute as ever. I am so happy that she is finally getting chubby.

I think she looks like a little porcelain doll here. So angelic and I love her hair.

My brother and sisters say that Ivy looks like a little Asian baby. I can really see it in this picture. Don't you love the pig tales?

One day Millie was bored so I loaded her up the the stroller and we went for a shopping spree around our house. Each room was a different "store" and we made a purchase at each. Her favorite pretend purchase was a dress, so I decided to really take her shopping and got this princess dress, which she absolutely loves. She insisted that we also get some accessories. The drive home nearly killed her. She wanted so badly to don her spoils.

I love when I find Millie playing mommy. It just warms my soul.

I made a trip down to Manti last month for my niece's baptism. Whenever we siblings all get together my mom insists on a photo-op. This is one of the best ones yet. Notice: no on is crying! Left to right: Deanna, me, Alexis, Max, Chris, Mandie, Ariel.


kates said...

I love Ivy's pig tails! And Lia loves Millie's princess picture.

Joni said...

Way cute! I love Millie's hair cut! You really have some fun girls.

MIMI & LINCOLN said...

tamber, i think i can agree with the rest of your siblings on how ivy looks like an asian baby. so cute!!