Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Feels Like Spring (Finally!)

It was so weird to have Easter in March this year.
It feels like it should be this weekend instead. So with that in mind, here are a couple of pictures of Easter Sunday. This is the first year that Millie didn't get a new dress for Easter, but she didn't mind. She loves this one. Mark and I got it for her last year during a trip to Jackson Hole for our anniversary. It's a size 24 month, but it's still plenty big. Ivy's dress is like-wise too big, so I'm hoping it will fit her all summer.

Here is Ivy with Snowflake. Does anyone remember Millie's Smoochie? Well she loved that bear so much that we wanted the same thing for Ivy and gave her this bear for Christmas.

This was the first weekday in a long time in which Millie actually wore something other than pajamas. I was so excited that I had to document it.

Isn't this photo darling? I had to be quick though because Millie kept running away. We went to Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center a couple of weeks ago. As we were leaving I realized I had only taken one picture of Millie (with an Alpaca I think) since it was difficult to wield a camera and hold a baby (Mark had his arms full keeping Millie from taking off). So while Mark was putting Ivy in the car seat to go home I snapped a few pictures of Millie playing in the parking lot. Good thing it was a cute parking lot :) And in case you're wondering I straightened Millie's hair with a flat iron that day and that's a heart painted on her cheek.


Hayley Neil said...

Way to go Millie! A whole day without wearing pajamas! She is such a funny girl! You are a beautiful family!

Angie and Kyle said...

Tamber - I haven't seen or talked to you in forever, luckily mandie keeps me posted! I hope you are doing great. Your little girls are darling! love Angie.