Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I threw a little Halloween party last month. I made Millie a red-riding hood (which greatly challenged my limited sewing capabilities) and the rest of us were characters from the story. Mark was the sick grandma, my sister Mandie was the backwoodsman and I was the wolf (who swallowed the grandma). Millie was terrified by my wolf mask and made Mark hold her for the picture. What a silly girl!

The highlight of the night was the mock trick-or-treat. Millie and her cousin Lia went door-to-bedroom-door in our apartment. It was so cute. Millie loved all the candy and it was gone in a matter of days. I helped a little, but I really think she ate the majority.

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Hayley and John Neil said...

Millie's costume turned out so cute! Great job! I love that you had her trick or treat at your house! That is hilarious! You are adorable!